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Cesar Troisgros

Le Bois sans Feuilles is a French restaurant located in Ouches. The history of Troisgros Family begins from 1930. Jean-Baptiste Troisgros and his wife Marie started a restaurant Hôtel Moderne. Then their two sons Jean and Pierre Troisgros changed the name to Les Frères Troisgros in 1957, and from 2012, their grandson Cesar Troisgros runs the restaurant Le Bois sans Feuilles.


He trained at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Écully from 2004 to 2007 before continuing his culinary apprenticeship in major houses such as Michel Rostang in Paris, the Roca brothers in Girona in Spain, Thomas Keller in California in the Napa Valley. He remained in Roanne to work alongside his father and became involved in family projects, notably in the move to Ouches. Since July 2012, their eldest son César (who has cooked at Michel Rostang in Paris, El Celler de Can Roca in Spain and The French Laundry in California) has seconded his father in the imposing glass-and-steel kitchens.